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Digitized encrypted signatures securely replaces the need to manually sign checks

            *Smart & Easy Software for Cheque Printing
            *Gives Professionally Computer Printed Cheques
            *Bulk Printing - EMI, Batch, Excel Import
            *Managing all cheques from a single point



A simple method to print cheques with precise alignment. Professional cheque printing solution for all business

-Works in existing enviornment of computer and printer

-Support multiple Bank account holder

-Simple installation

-Backup and restoration of data

-Convenient printer setup for smooth print of cheques

-Handy tool for all cheque related information

-Smart, quick, error free cheque preparation

-User-friendly, flexible, powerfull and reliable

-Improves accuracy and efficiency

-Password protection for unauthorized access

-Maintains a complete inventory of cheques

-Export details of cheque in excel format

-Records details of cheque cancellation


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